Latest Trends in the Marketing and Advertising Industry

The Indian advertising market is expected to experience an 11.4% increase in 2024, while projections indicate that the digital formats will rise by 13.9% to reach ₹56,900 crore ($7.2 billion) with linear ad sales anticipated to grow by 9.3% to meet ₹65,500 crore ($8.3 billion). (Source: Livemint) With the way that technology and consumer behavior […]

Boost Your Beauty Brand with AR Filters by 76%: Makeup, Hairstyles, and More

AR filters have become a quintessential tool for beauty brands to increase consumer engagement, resulting in better sales. These experiences enable virtual try-ons in the form of personalized experiences, the discovery of products, and so much more. Here’s a look at how AR filters can elevate your beauty brand: Virtual Makeup Try-Ons AR technology lets […]